Irena Sendler: Mother to the Children of the Holocaust

I have had this book for years but it was a timely read for our current crisis. The pages in this book are filled with gripping accounts of great tragedy, unspeakable evil committed intentionally, and immense bravery enacted out of great love for fellow humans.
Irena Sendler was a tiny lady with unshakable conviction about doing what was right. When asked if she felt fear as she rescued over 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto she said she was afraid; but she also knew that a worse fate than getting caught would be to live knowing she ignored her conscience.
But heroism is not without a price and Irena’s life bears the scars of that high cost: physically and emotionally. The same is true for the young lives she rescued. Their lives continued but not without great sorrow.
For a perspective-altering look at history and heroism, this book is the one to read.

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