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It’s summer time!!!!

Welcome to the hub of my Thirty-One action! If you would like to shop click here:

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I’m trying a new drive! 🤗 I want to collect as many cinch sacs as possible for students in need. These will be donated to a local high school and filled with toiletries and food necessities.
If you would like to donate a cinch sac or two, shop here and have your order sent to me:
The drive will close at the end of this month.


Ladies, I have enjoyed being a Thirty-One consultant immensely. As of September 1st, I will be closing this shop- for the time being at least. 😉 Before this happens, I want to give you all the chance to:
☀️book one more party link
☀️participate in my cinch sac drive
☀️stock up on all of your 31 essentials.
Thank you for all of your support and participation! ♥️
Water bottle, wallet, SPF, sanitizer…they’re not going to carry themselves 💁What always goes with you on your outdoor excursions?
New arrivals are here! Perfect for all your outdoor adventures (the prints are pretty cute, too). Take a peek!
Testimony Tuesday! I LOVE my All About the Benjamins Wallet (in this photo it has a peach print). I have had it for about 4 years now and it hardly shows any signs of wear in spite of going everywhere with me and being gnawed on by teething babies. It holds everything a wallet should plus MORE! Tell me about your wallet!
I don’t know about you but I have a thing for cute pouches. And Thirty-One has some of the best! This bundle is on sale right now and has a world of potential!
It’s time to start thinking about Mother’s Day! The next few posts will bring you some ideas.
Another 31 hack from my house: you can hang up the large utility totes in your closet and fill them with all the extras. In my case it’s baby blankets! This frees up the floors and shelves and they’re still easily accessible.
Who is ready for a little holiday? Tell me your spring break plans!
Spring is all about freshness. What are you doing to freshen up your home, yard or you?
Good deals can always be found at my Thirty-One shop! Take advantage of their discounted bundles or book a party link for all those rewards
Here is the felt bin from Thirty-One that I got to spruce up the boys’ dresser. It keeps their special books from falling over and there’s room left over for all of their treasures. 😉
And the Your Way rectangles make great little pull out organizers for the girls’ cubbies. They accumulate so many things that “can’t” be thrown out so now there’s a place for everything!
I plan to do spring baskets for our children this year. I don’t want them to be so focused on getting baskets that they don’t think about the real meaning of this season. But I also want to have fun things planned for them. What are some things you plan to put in your little baskets?
Are you spring cleaning? I just ordered several organization items from Thirty-One so I can tidy up my children’s dressers. The Your Way rectangles are some of the items I ordered.
I like the colors of spring. What about you? Are you fall/winter or spring/summer?
This is the last week of February, the month when we shine the spotlight on showing kindness and offering a little extra love to those around us. What special acts of kindness do you hope to do this week? Text me! I’d love to hear them and maybe add them to my week too! (Also, the new catalog comes out next month!!!)
Don’t forget to personalize your purchases! Which embroidery is your favorite?
It’s the week to show extra 💕. How will you show love to those around you?
In the midst of heart shaped cookies and yummy chocolates, who plans to keep up their fitness routine?
Text me an organizational life hack and I’ll post it on this page!
The new year is a great time to get organized and refreshed.
After…who is ready to start tidying up in the new year?