Why Weekly Thought Exchange?

rocking chair

Welcome to the Weekly Thought Exchange where ideas are a valued investment.  In an instant society with drive-thru Starbucks, movies-on-demand, and conversations downsized to texting, thoughtful discussions truly are a rare commodity.  As a former language arts teacher I relish engaging those around me in critical thinking, even if it is simply a debate over Justin Bieber vs. Miley Cyrus – at least we are thinking! 🙂

We may no longer speak Shakesperian English or converse as the great philosophers once did, but the 21st-century mind is still capable of great ideas that can shift societal trends or facilitate community development. It simply needs the opportunity to do so.  Perhaps you don’t have plans to be the next president and don’t intend to change the world; maybe you would simply like to discover your thoughtful self or find out what piques your interest. There might be some of you out there who delight in an intense debate and would like to refine your apologetic skills; others may only want a good reading.

Give the Thought Exchange a try. Every idea holds some value, so bring them here. I will post some of own thoughts, reflections and media reviews each week; please feel free to add your thoughts to them as well.

While conversational etiquette is always a given, I do want to make a specific reference to it. In order to make this a successful exchange of thoughts, all ideas, comments, and beliefs should be treated with respect regardless of the level of agreement.

5 Responses to Why Weekly Thought Exchange?

  1. Debbie Tobler says:

    Let’s visit!


  2. Jerry says:

    AFAIC that’s the best asnwer so far!


  3. Great article. Keep up the good work.


  4. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.


  5. Sorry, but I have to firmly dispute with this post. Yet, I fully understand that in fact all of us all have our diverse outlook.


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