Some Moments in our Lives

Do you see the little boy carrying a big stick? He he always searching for nature’s treasures and bringing them to me. Sometimes it’s a huge stick; other times it’s a unique rock; and always there are flowers.
They have a toy alligator they named Aloe Vera.
Some special things from this weekend:
💕a play date with new neighbors
💕tea and a long chat with a loved neighbor
💕soup and sandwiches with dear friends
💕discovering fun things we forgot we had to hope doing some new year cleaning
💕hearing the cheerful chattering of the children as they played together outside
Tonight I had the perfect moment: sitting on our back porch at dusk, feeding the baby, listening to the other 5 playing together, and watching the geese. Invigorating Celtic music was playing and behind me the warmth of my bedside lamp glowed through the window. All of a sudden the geese took flight off of the water! The water turned into billows of white foam as they lifted off and soared into the sky, one after another. In that perfect moment I thought, “Yes! It’s good to be alive and know that the earth is the Lord’s footstool.”
Back when I was in my first years of college I assembled these pictures collages. It wasn’t long after 9/11 and patriotism was at its zenith. I was inspired to put together all that represented America in my mind, a blending of all that I saw as good, noble and heroic in our country. Today I pulled them out for the children to view; they pointed at pictures and inquired and I ended up telling them about the WTC and what happened after it. They were riveted to the stories and there was a stirring in my heart to still love my country even though it’s in rough shape right now.
One of my favorite times of the day is our recess. After morning school and lunch we head outside for 15-20 minutes and just see where our imaginations take us. Sometimes you get the most accomplished when you don’t have anything planned.