After being to the Holocaust Museum…

The Reflection

Here I am. There you are.

I have a light heart; you have a yellow star.

My eyes are happy; yours stare into space.

I smile with ease, but you have a blank face.

I hear laughter; you hear pain.

My feet sink into lush grass while you stand in a bloodstain.

My future is on the horizon; yours is pierced with barbed wire and taunting fear.

My hand reaches for yours, but I am stopped by the glass in the broken mirror.


About wordvessel

Aloha! Thank you for visiting the Weeklythoughtexhange. I hope you enjoy this healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. I am a middle school language arts teacher and relish active discussion, frequent reading, writing for leisure and growth, and immersion in new ideas and thoughts. Some of my favorite pastimes include being outdoors with family, friends and pets, traveling the world and country, and embarking on new adventures wherever they happen to find me - in my own backyard or on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
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