If I was not me…


If I was my shadow

I would…

Laugh harder, dance freely, sing louder, live bravely.

Hold my head high

Speak with more confidence

Keep my shoulders back and my back straight.

Sing in the rain, run with the wind, bask in the sun.

Greet strangers,

Try new styles,

Taste new foods,

Initiate conversations,

Think better of people,

Pursue my dreams until I can’t possibly follow them anymore,

Focus on heaven, rather than earth.





About wordvessel

Aloha! Thank you for visiting the Weeklythoughtexhange. I hope you enjoy this healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. I am a middle school language arts teacher and relish active discussion, frequent reading, writing for leisure and growth, and immersion in new ideas and thoughts. Some of my favorite pastimes include being outdoors with family, friends and pets, traveling the world and country, and embarking on new adventures wherever they happen to find me - in my own backyard or on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
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2 Responses to If I was not me…

  1. Debbie Tobler says:

    Still am challenged by that…and realize our shadow is only a reflection of US! So why should we not live this way? Why indeed, by the grace of God and God’s grace.


  2. phil Enomoto says:

    You are more than a formless Shadow.. look to the warmth of the fire and please do sing louder, stand erect, take risks with your emotions and eat new foods, dance new dances… the source of light will free you from the prison of the mind and empower you to love others to the Cross of Christ through eating their foods, dancing their dances and singing their songs and ultimately and wholly speaking their language(s).
    All this is related to CS Lewis and Plato’s Allegory of The Republic..of the chained prisoners in the cave..
    We are free in Christ..


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