I’m not crying wolf – there is a lion outside

This past week I went to a community forum regarding the threat on parents’ rights coming from UNICEF’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (http://www2.ohchr.org/english/law/crc.htm).  Why is this a threat? you might ask. At face value it appears to be a wonderful step in protecting children from sexual exploitation, slave labor, illiteracy, and the effects of inadequate healthcare and malnourishment. At face value. But dig a little deeper and you will discover that the best interest of the child is determined by a committee of 18 people with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. This means that if you are a parent or a guardian you will have no say in where your child goes to school or what he learns there, what medical care your child receives, how to discipline your child, what type of religious instruction your child can receive, and the list continues. If you attempt to fight against the law your child could be removed from your home and custody. Yet ironically enough, in certain countries they still have not determined if honor killings violate children’s rights and in countries governed by Shariah Law, Shariah Law takes precedence…meaning children, particularly female children, have no rights at all. 

There is growing pressure for the United States to sign on to this convention, though many lower courts are ruling in certain parental rights cases as if we already have. If the U.S. Senate ratifies this treaty, by constitutional law it will have precedence over every law in the land, except for the U.S. Constitution.  In order to protect parental rights as a fundamental right under the Constitution, we must have Parental Rights Amendment ratified.  This amendment would explicitly state that parental rights are fundamental and cannot be ignored unless in the case of obvious abuse or neglect. It also states that no international law or treaty can be entered into that would strip parents of their rights to raise their children.  

I was disappointed that only a handful of people attended the community forum. I am concerned that this is a reflection of the attitude people have towards moral dangers that threaten our way of life.  We grumble when gas prices go up or taxes are raised; we shrink in fear if there is an outbreak of e.coli, swine flu, or dengue fever; we rush to stock up on rice, toilet paper, and batteries if there is a severe weather warning; and we wail if our favorite TV show is taken off the air or if our favorite American Idol candidate lost.  But when there is a threat to our kids, our future, and our liberty we choose to shrug our shoulders and continue on with our busy life.

The Bible quotes the sluggard as saying “There is a lion outside,” in order to excuse his laziness. Well, America, there is a lion outside. It has ravaged the world and it is beginning to devour our children. This is not an empty threat; it is real and it is deadly. Edmund Burke boldy declared, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” I ask, are we really good if we choose to do nothing?

For more detailed information on the UNCRC, the Parental Rights Amendment, specifics on the parental rights already being denied American parents, or how you can help fight for the amendment and against the treaty, go to: http://www.parentalrights.org

On a side note, the next post will be on July 3rd.

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