Should faith make sense?

I recently finished reading No Argument for God by John Wilkinson. According to Mr. Wilkinson Christians often feel like they need to defend their faith and answer every question or respond to every criticism about their beliefs.  Often it is impossible to give an appropriate answer or response to the verbal assaults or inquiries make by those who do not ascribe to Christianity and when this happens we begin to have second thoughts about what we claim to believe.

In an effort to have our defenses prepared we pursue evidence that can support our faith.  We want to know that the Bible, and all it says, is true and that our faith is grounded in logic. But Wilkinson points out that in proving our faith it is no longer faith and true faith doesn’t make sense.  Our minds intuitively strive to make sense of the world around us. Humans have designed measurements for time and mathematics; we invent ways to simplify life and eliminate snags in the process of living. Therefore, it is only natural that we seek to do the same to faith – fit it into our brains by eliminating the problems that come with it (i.e. the unaswerable questions).

Tell me though: if faith makes sense are we really entrusting our life and reputation to God, or simply to ourselves in the name of religion?  Isn’t it possible that there are things in this life that are beyond the  reach of human understanding and sensory capabilities and hence would be impossible to make sense of?  If so, isn’t it only logical that we would want to believe in something that is bigger than our own minds…or not?

In essence, faith is nonsense because it is beyond the grasp of human senses. In taking a stand for nonsense perhaps we are, in fact, the most sensible people on this planet.  What do you think?

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