I wonder about Israel

As you may have heard, there will be a UN vote on Tuesday regarding the creation of a Palestinian state.  Many might ask why this is such a complicated issue since shouldn’t every people group have land to call their own? Yes…and no. The fact of the matter is that the Israel-Palestine ordeal has gone on for 60+ years, ever since Israel was granted their own state, and the nations involved have been prejudiced referees against the Israelis.

You see, the Jewish people have been a persecuted people since their inception as a nation. They were finally granted the land of Israel after WWII, when many fled the travesties of Europe in order to find refuge in their ancient homelands. The rest of the world did not want to take them in, but at least they had a place to call home.  However, the Arabs always resented their return and have openly declared that they want to drive the Jews into the sea.  While Israel has conducted herself with as much political tact as possible, whenever she strives to make something of her barren land or defend herself against the terrorist tactics of Hamas, the world accuses her of wrongdoing.

Take a moment to find Israel on the map.  Then tell me if it is fair for Israel to have to give up more of her land or if it is really possible for her to be the bully on the block.  She is surrounded by Arab nations who claim the Palestinian refugees as their own people, yet refuse to offer them any asylum in their countries.  None of these Arab nations are Israel’s allies and few western nations are anymore.  America used to be…

Tell me, what harm has Israel inflicted on us? The Israeli people are leaders in agricultural methods in desert land; pioneers in medical advancements; gifted in technological intelligence; financial geniuses; and examples on how to defend against terrorism. We can offer peace agreements to those who despise us and threaten us with nuclear attacks; we can pity those who manipulate the media to their advantage; yet we can’t stand by our only sincere ally in the Middle East who has experienced more terror in her existence then we ever have.

If every nation deserves to have land to call their own, why not Israel?

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