The Terrifying Truth

What would you say if you heard that parents were given the right to send their child to nudist summer camps, but they do not have the right to know if their minor daughter went across state lines to have an abortion?

What would you say if you found out that the Boy Scouts were banned from a public park that they helped to fix up because they do not admit homosexual troop leaders, but public schools held mandatory sex-education assemblies that revealed graphic sexual information and included audience participation – without parent knowledge?

What would you say if hard-core child pornographers and the North American Man/Boy Love Association are defended in court, but parents are denied the right to demand Internet filters on library computers in order to protect their children?

What would you say if you realized that nurses at abortion clinics are not allowed to provide medical care to babies who survive abortions?  Or that international law could override the Constitution? Or that two students were suspended from school for saying “Merry Christmas” in a presentation and at another school students were not allowed to write those same words in their letters to troops stationed in Iraq?

I hope you find these situations abhorrent and are thinking, “Never in America!” Unfortunately these are all true situations and there are many more like them detailed in the book, The ACLU vs. America by Alan Sears and Craig Osten.  As I read this informative book about the erosion of our society deliberately caused by the ACLU there were times when my stomach was nauseous at the revulsion of such atrocities succeeding in our land of liberty.

It is time for the moral citizens of America to stand up and say, “Never in America!” We can defeat the ACLU giant if we stand together and forbid ourselves to fear their warchest of funds or their vicious attacks. They will back down when they see that the sleeping giants of morality and righteous justice have been awakened.

We must take back our freedoms and our rights, Americans! The ACLU will not have the victory.








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