A Little Bunny Taught Me

Earlier this week I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t do more good, help more children, rescue more animals. I was feeling quite discouraged by all that I longed to do and the fact that my time, energy, and resources simply do not match my expectations for this moment. Many of these negative thoughts were streaming through my mind as I fed my outdoor critters. My little bunny, Ladybug, usually hops quickly over to his dish when I feed him, but on this particular morning he did not. Instead, he hopped over to the side I was closest too and settled down for me to pet him. He doesn’t normally do this, and despite the time constraint I was under, I stroked him for several minutes. He blissfully closed his eyes and wiggled his little nose and I could almost hear him say, “Sometimes more is less. The more you take on, the less time you’ll have for me.”

And it’s true. If we do not wait on our Creator to show us what He wants us to do each day, we will quickly grow weary as we attempt to do everything; and as we grow wearly we’ll end up doing far less than we were designed to do. To achieve the perfect balance we must be willing to settle for more by doing less than our egos would like.

Thank you Ladybug!


About wordvessel

Aloha! Thank you for visiting the Weeklythoughtexhange. I hope you enjoy this healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts. I am a middle school language arts teacher and relish active discussion, frequent reading, writing for leisure and growth, and immersion in new ideas and thoughts. Some of my favorite pastimes include being outdoors with family, friends and pets, traveling the world and country, and embarking on new adventures wherever they happen to find me - in my own backyard or on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
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