Essential Oils and my Birth Story

Eighteen days ago our little daughter made her debut. This is our third child, and it was my prayer and goal to be able to have a med-free delivery. I had inductions the first two times, requiring an epidural each time. I wanted to do everything I could to avoid an epidural, reduce, bleeding, minimize tearing, and hopefully remain infection-free in order to not require antibiotics.

Beginning in my 34th week, I started going to a chiropractor for adjustments and to learn a variety of stretches and exercises that brought me more comfort during those last weeks of pregnancy. These ended up being extremely helpful in managing contractions during active labor.

Starting in my 37th week I began two important oil applications:

-A blend of ylang ylang, helichrysum, cypress, white fir, geranium, and clary sage applied every night to my low back, ankles, and ankles to reduce bleeding.

-The Immortelle blend applied to my perineum every night to minimize tearing.

My water broke the morning before my due date. Contractions didn’t begin immediately so I began applying clary sage to initiate them. When we arrived in the delivery room, we began diffusing clary sage as well as applying it to my abdomen. I am so glad that we did because my body kicked into gear right when they started the pitocin drip. Thankfully, I didn’t require more than the minimal amount of pitocin!  Once active labor began, we started to diffuse wild orange for energy and a positive mood (the nurses loved our room!). My husband continued to apply the reduce bleeding blend every hour. As the pain increased, he massaged basil oil wherever the pain was the most intense. It is a warming oil so it helped my muscles relax; I also found the scent to be calming as well.

I was in active labor for 5 hours and delivered our daughter 14.5 hours after my water broke. I remained infection-free and only had one small tear; my doctor was pleased by this and also said that my bleeding was minimal.  This was my first time of actively using essential oils in my labor and delivery and as I compare this experience to my other two labor and deliveries I can honestly say that they made a  difference. My body, mind, and spirit were all positively impacted by the application and diffusing of the oils. I would encourage all of my mommy-friends to give them a chance and to also consider seeing a qualified chiropractor in the last month of pregnancy.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be in tune with your body and discover it’s full potential.


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